“We get to make new friends” 

“The pool and football table are fun to play on” 

“After school makes me happy”


See Saw 1 and 2 Breakfast and After School Clubs


We have a breakfast and after school club for both St Johns, Walwayne Court, Bellefield and Paxcroft schools taking children to and from school. The after school club is divided into under and over 8’s.

The children are totally involved in the activities they plan to do for the term. They love to cook, do quizzes, arts and crafts, trips to the park and coffee shops. Each summer they go to the local farm, have a cream tea and play in the river. We try and create a relaxed atmosphere and be flexible in our approach to account for a ‘tiring day at school’.

We also have a holiday club for school children in school holiday time.

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