"If we want our children to flourish, to become truly empowered, then let them love the earth before we ask them to save it"


At Seesaw we believe that children should be given every opportunity to be outside as much as possible; this encourages the curriculum to be fun, `hands on` and enjoyed in a relaxed way with lots of space and fresh air!

The nursery has a large back garden where the children have a summer house, a muddy kitchen, physical apparatus, a sandpit, bikes and an extensive and prolific grapevine ! All children are encouraged to play outside as much as possible and where large areas of the curriculum are planned for.

We have a pet rabbit called Polly who has given birth to a few babies that found homes with some of our families.  Some of the children love to care for the rabbit and it teaches all of them to be respectful around animals, especially as we like her to 'free range' as much as possible.  The first thing they learn is not to chase and frighten her!

In the summer the children love to go the local farm and see all the animals and sit in the tractor.  When it's sunny the highlight is splashing around in the river followed by a picnic.



From the time children first start nursery, communication between nursery and parents is important. We try and gather as much information as possible to help with the transition from home to nursery including their sleep patterns, likes and dislikes etc. Later on, we value parents input on projects, bringing the wide and varied areas of expertise to use or just lending a helping hand on trips. We have a number of trips in the summer plus a big family fun day in the gardens of Seesaw 1.



We also reach out to the wider community, having visits from lollipops to dental hygienists.

We are also proactive in building up relationships with our local school, inviting teachers in and taking children to events in the school they are going to.

At Christmas time, Seesaw nurseries join together in the Civic Hall to stage our famous nativity and have a big celebration. We also take the children to some of our local care homes where the elderly residents listen to our Christmas repertoire. Some even get a hug !