Seesaw Nursery 1 – September 2019 Newsletter

Welcome back

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of our new children and families to our setting. I hope everyone enjoyed the summer and you are ready for another fantastic year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff. 

Dates for your diary

Monday 2nd September – Term begins

Thursday 24thOctober – 1stNovember – Optional period for non funded children. Therefore if you would like your child to attend please book them in with a member of staff. Full fees apply. If you do not book them in, we will not expect them. 

Monday 28thOctober – 1stNovember - Half term for funded children

 Friday 13thDecember – Funding ends. Therefore if you require childcare please book your child in with a member of staff. If your child is not booked then we will not expect them.  Full fees apply.

Monday 23rdDecember Wednesday 1st January – Nursery closed.

Thursday 2ndJanuary – Nursery re-opens, optional period. Therefore if you would like your child to attend please book them in with a member of staff. If you do not book them in, we will not expect them. Full fees apply.

Monday 6th January – Term begins for all children.


This term the Pre-school project will be  “All about me”. This is a great opportunity for the children to learn about themselves, their family and all about their new friends. Pre-school children are currently making family puzzle pieces and we would like all of the children to bring in a few photos of their family to enable them to participate. Thank you.

Self registration 

As some of you are aware the Pre-school children have a registration board located in the sand and water room. When you bring your child into nursery at the beginning of each of their sessions, please could you support your child in finding their name card and placing it on the registration board. This promotes independence and helps the child settle into the nursery. It supports each child to begin to recognise letters in their name which will enable them to independently find their pegs, trays etc.


Could we please ask that children do not bring toys into nursery, this can cause problems as they can get broken or lost. Some children may need comfort items when settling in to nursery; so please feel free to bring these along.


We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that our fees have increased to £5.25 per hour, for all nursery children as from September 2019.

We no longer accept cheques anymore however; we do still take cash, card, tax free childcare and voucher schemes.


If your child has turned 3 before 31stAugust, please complete a funding form. We will have these in the office for you. This will allow you to access 15/30 government funded hours.

If your child turns 3 before the 31stof December 2019; they will be entitled to claim 15/30 hours free per week (government funded), as of January 2020. Please book extra sessions, if required, as we are filling up fast. 

 Staff changes

Sam will be covering Laura’s Maternity leave, as Manager. Ashton will continue to be Deputy alongside Jean who will be covering the deputy manager position temporarily. 

We would like to welcome Alysha, from Seesaw 2 who will be working with Talia, Jazmyn and Jade, on our Tiny Tot floor.

We would just like to say a big thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding, whilst we are settling in new staff/children and families.


We are noticing outdoor gates are being left open and we would appreciate it if all gates within the nursery could be closed behind you. This is for everyone’s safety. Thank you